Dubai Travel Guide


Dubai is an emirate of sand dunes that is included in the United Arab Emirates. It used to be a very deserted area where no sign of economic growth can be seen. Now, because of the efforts of the leaders and the locals of Dubai as well, it is now recognized all over the world as one of the most powerful countries all over the world. Different industries have made Dubai grow into what it is right now – fierce and influential. Moreover, Dubai is not just a haven for investors or people who wanted to find high-paying jobs. Dubai is also a haven for the tourists as well.

The emirate of Dubai has a lot of tourist attractions to offer to its visitors. One of the main attractions in Dubai is its famous hotel is the Burj Al Arab located in Jumeirah Dubai. Although most tourists cannot go inside the premises of the luxurious hotel, they are already satisfied having pictures taken where the Burj Al Arab hotel serves as their backdrop. Another famous tourist attraction in Dubai is its indoor ski located inside the big Mall of the Emirates. There are also beaches and desert safari adventures offered at Dubai.

Some people say that if you want to go to Dubai, you do not need to pack a lot of clothes, accessories and alike. You should arrive at Dubai without so many things and leave Dubai with a trolley filled with different products such clothes, jewelries, souvenir items and more. Dubai is now known as the shopping capital, not only in Asia but in the whole world as well. True enough, only in Dubai you will find cheapest jewelry including authentic gold and silvers accessories. And only here you can buy electronics without paying tax. Moreover, designer clothes can be availed at a very low price.

Dubai is also rich in petroleum products. The oil industry is where the seventy percent of the country’s income comes from. And because of this, the emirate of Dubai plays a big influence in the changing oil price all around the world. The oil industry also allows hundreds of employment opportunities for the locals of the emirate but for the interested foreigners from its neighboring countries at the same time. Many overseas contract workers are now at Dubai along with their families. Those who are also working at oil companies are given various benefits such as medical benefits, housing benefits, as well as education benefits for workers who have children residing at Dubai.

If you want to invest in a real estate property, there is no other place to do so than in Dubai. There is a very high demand in houses and residential properties in this emirate. Therefore, you will earn a lot of you develop your real estate investment into an apartment or a house that is for rent. Some are developed into luxury hotels and resorts in order to meet the high demand for these accommodations because of the growing number of tourists rushing every year. Dubai offshore company formation info,

The adult entertainment is also a big part of the luxury in Dubai, especially when travelers arrive alone to their hotels, they can ask for sexy Dubai escorts to fulfill all their wishes.